A COUNCILLOR has admitted his initial disappointment when Wrexham Council officers failed to help residents clear out excess water in the Ceiriog Valley.

Cllr Trevor Bates, Independent councillor for Ceiriog Valley, acknowledged it was difficult for council staff to get to all areas of need on an unprecedented level of flooding.

Residents called the council on Wednesday when flood water overflowed culverts – a tunnel carrying a stream or open drain – but were told staff could not make it up there.

Cllr Bates believes future flooding can be avoided in areas around Bro Dewi in Llwynmawr if maintenance of the culverts is carried out.

"Wrexham Borough Council did get out in the end, but I was disappointed that they couldn't get here [straight away]," he said.

"They were called to look at the culvert because it was getting too high.

"When I was there it was about a foot high but when people made the call, it was about four foot.

"But then when you see all the flooding across the rest of Wrexham, you can understand.

"We are lucky that we're at the top but nevertheless, it was disappointing as the people up there think 'we pay our rates and taxes', so should get help.

"This lack of clearing is the problem. I have emailed them before about getting to clear the culverts but they don't think they have got out yet.

"It's about maintenance. If they carry out prevention, then it won't be a problem."

Cllr Bates added he had gone back up on Thursday morning to check the water levels, and was quick to praise the volunteers who reduced the water.

Darren Williams, Wrexham Council's chief officer for the environment, said: “The recent weather caused widespread issues for many people, organisations, and businesses and we received hundreds of calls for assistance during the heavy rainfall.

“We have to prioritise those issues posing a risk to life and property, which may lead some to believe we are not reacting quickly enough to their calls.

“We make every effort to react to all calls – irrespective of how they are prioritised – and will attempt to address all issues reported.”