A GROUP of Flintshire youths have been praised for their efforts in locating and looking after escaped dogs in torrential rain.

Jac-Dion Jones, Charlie Richmond, Matthew Hewitt, Tomos and Harri Dickinson, from Holywell, spent over two hours in heavy rain on Friday night looking after an escaped dog while locating its owner.

Following news that the owner's other dog had also escaped, they spent another hour successfully finding the dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and returning it to its owner.

The youths, who attend Ysgol Treffynon, have been praised by staff of the school and members of the community for their efforts.

Emma Ward was approached by the teenagers who asked her if she knew who the dog belonged to.

She explained: "I'd just just got home with the rain hammering down when a group of lads came to the car asking if I knew who the dog belongs too that they had been looking after for two hours.

"Luckily I did know and took the dog in for a bit waiting for the lady across the road to come in. Once I saw the light go on, I delivered the dog back over the road."

However, by this time the owner's other dog, a fellow Staffordshire Bull Terrier, had escaped, so the youths quickly got to the task of locating it.

Emma added: "Once it became clear the other dog had escaped, the same lads spent another hour in the rain catching it.

"They came to my house to tell me they had rescued it. The moral of the story is if you see a group of lads in hoodies and dark clothes, don't worry as they may be like these little superstars restoring our faith."

John Weir, headteacher at Ysgol Treffynnon, said he was proud of the students and they were a credit to the school and the community.

He said: "They took it upon themselves to take care of the dog that they had found and then, despite the terrible weather conditions, went back out again to look for the owner’s other dog that had also gone missing.

"Their kindness, quick thinking and empathy is applaudable and ensured that the dogs and their owner were safely reunited."