COUNCILLORS have pledged to make their town a dementia friendly community.

At their monthly meeting, Connah’s Quay councillors were asked to kick-start a dementia friendly group for the Deeside area and be a key contributor to that.

Clerk Steven Goodrum asked members if they would like to lead by example in being at the forefront of the Deeside Friendly group.

He said: “Across Flintshire and Wales there’s a number of groups being set up for dementia friendly communities.

“There’s been an effort to set one up across Deeside, but they’ve struggled, and no one is quite sure why, whether it’s too big a range or lack of interest or lack of understanding about what it is.

“If we can be a driver behind a dementia friendly Deeside group along with other partners cos there are some keen to be involved, just help kick it off the ground.

“It wouldn’t take a great deal of resource, it’s more time. It’s how we can grow across Deeside rather than just link it to Connah’s Quay. We’ve got resources at the Civic Hall for a launch event.”

There are over 45,000 people living with dementia in Wales and those living with it, or caring for those living with it, can become secluded from their community.

Several towns in Flintshire have already been recognised as dementia friendly, including Mold, Flint and Buckley, and it is hoped the county will become one of the most dementia friendly counties in Wales.

However, Cllr Bernie Attridge suggested the council use their facilities, such as the Civic Hall and Quay Café, to hold training events and have all of their staff, including town councillors, to complete the trining.

He said: “Personally, I’m a dementia friend. I had the training through county council. Wouldn’t it be best for us to then as town council agree to become town council dementia friends because we can have our staff trained at community centre, café and here in the office

“If we are facilitating that then we offer it to other reps to come along for them to go back and offer it to their community.

“No disrespect to a Deeside thing, there seems areas in Flintshire getting a lot of special attention on this, Connah’s Quay is the biggest town in Flintshire, let’s not forget that.

“I think as a town council; all town councillors can become dementia friends that would be something good to start with.”

The Deeside project has only just started the process of working to become a dementia friendly community and is currently at the stage of forming a steering group.

The small group is seeking additional members and organisations to help with the work to obtain the status for Deeside and to raise its profile and presence locally.

Cllr Attridge added: “We’ve got a lot going on in our town that we want your dedicated support on Mr Clerk.

“I think everyone sat around this table has been affected by dementia, it’s very close to my heart. I think as the town council of Connah’s Quay we should be proud of leading.

“Let’s have a town council of dementia friends and if other people want to then come to our training events fair enough but let’s start it and put it in our council plan.

“We’ve got the facilities to make all our members of staff dementia friends. It’s a two-hour session but that’s all it is.”

Members voted in favour of becoming dementia friends and making their town a dementia friendly community.

Cllr Pam Attridge said: “It’s about time. I’ve been waiting two years for this.”