NORTH Wales Chief Constable is to be told some Wrexham councillors are unhappy with the police 101 telephone number.

Cllr Linda Subacchi told Offa Community Council she was alerted at 3am one day about an alarm going off at a local building.

“I rang the the police emergency 101 number and was told by the operator that they did not take calls from private telephone numbers," she said.

"What was I supposed it do? I tried several police numbers without success.

"I could not go to the building at the time of the morning and had to wait until later. It is just not on” she said.

Members also complained about not getting a response to emails sent to police community supports officers about incidents so they are able to keep residents up-to-date.

The members decided to take up that problem with local beat sergeant Simon Williams but contact Chief Constable Carl Foulkes about the 101 service.

In response Karen Price, North Wales Police deputy call centre manager, said: “The 101 line is for non-emergencies and call handlers do not distinguish between private and non-private numbers calling.

"In line with national policy we do not routinely record details of alarms sounding unless we are notified by a monitoring company or when the person reporting has seen something suspicious or can see a crime in action.”