Flint Coastguard has compiled a simple but potentially life-saving list of 'Dos' and 'Dont's' on what to do if you encounter flooding.

It comes after it was called out to areas of Flintshire affected by severe flooding on Wednesday.

  • Do keep watching and listening. Stay alert, events can change very quickly during a flood. Keep an eye on the weather and listen out for warnings on the radio and TV.
  • Do be careful. It is tempting to stand on walls and bridges to see what is happening but it is all too easy to slip and fall in.
  • Do move people and pets upstairs or to higher ground.
  • Do listen to local radio and TV for announcements. If the flooding is serious the emergency services and your local authority may decide to evacuate you. Do exactly what they tell you. Remember to take supplies such as medication with you, you may be away from your home for a while.

Once a flood is in progress, it is advisable not to do the following:

  • Don’t drive through floodwater. Two feet of flowing water is enough to sweep your car away.
  • Don’t walk in floodwater that is above knee level, it can easily knock you off your feet. The water could cover open manholes, road works or objects and you won’t be able to see them.
  • Don’t touch items that have been in contact with the water. Flood water is likely to be contaminated and could contain sewage. Disinfect and clean thoroughly everything that’s got wet.