A SIX year-old boy with a rare allergy that makes exposure to peanuts potentially fatal is to take part in a groundbreaking trial thanks to fundraising from the community.

Bradleigh Valentine, of Brynteg, has a rare allergy which means any contact he has with the nut could prove kill him.

The allergy means his family are constantly having to be careful about what he eats and where he goes, and avoid anything with the label 'may contain traces of nuts'.

It is hoped this could change as Bradleigh has been accepted on to a new immunotherapy trial being carried out by the NHS at St Mary's Hospital, which could reduce his sensitivity to the nut.

But it will mean he has to travel with his mother Lisa from Wrexham to London every fortnight with an overnight stay each time to take part in the therapy over six months, followed by 18 months of tracking his progress.

To pay for his travel and expenses, his teammates in the Brymbo Lodge YFC under-6's football team held a fundraiser on Sunday night to pay towards his expenses, and Lisa says she is overwhelmed at the support shown by the community.

She said: "When Bradleigh's friends heard what happened they wanted to do some fundraising to pay for his travel and accommodation.

"On Saturday they had a fundraising night at Brynteg Community Centre on Quarry Road, with all friends and family there and a raffle which raised quite a lot of money.

"It was £2,115 raised in total, and we want to say a big thank you to everyone."

Lisa said any contact with products containing nuts could trigger a reaction in Bradleigh or cause an anaphylactic shock, so regular activities from going to restaurants and on holidays, to food shopping and attending parties always carries a risk.

But as part of the trial Bradleigh will be given tiny doses of boiled peanut in a strictly controlled environment over many months, with the aim of building up his tolerance.

Lisa added: "He'll start the trial in a few weeks once a bit of paperwork has been sorted out.

"From the beginning when we first found out about the allergy, we've had really good support from our close friends John Hodgson and Samantha Voss who have really driven the fundraising.

"They took part in the Wrexham half-marathon in harsh conditions, almost wading through water at one stage because of the rainfall, to raise money for us and the Bangor University Nursing Society.

"I think in total we now have about £3,500 altogether from the fundraising, with even strangers making donations after hearing about his story. It's been overwhelming the support people have shown.

"Now it is just a case of beginning the trial and seeing how it goes for Bradleigh."

A crowdfunding page has been set up to help with the costs of Bradleigh's travel and accommodation in London, and can be found at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/craig-williams-334