DELYN’s MP has shown his support for the ‘tireless work’ the Wales Air Ambulance undertake to keep the country safe.

David Hanson MP attended a drop-in event in Parliament to show his support for the emergency service and hear of their work and how they intend to deliver world-class emergency support to all.

During the parliamentary event, David Hanson MP was told that between January to December 2018 there were 1,416 medical missions in Wales – almost one third (29 per cent) of all callouts in Wales.

Of these missions, 1,412 dealt with trauma cases; 574 were cardiac arrests or heart related problems, 502 road traffic collisions, 293 were neurological conditions and 271 missions due to falls.

In Flintshire, there were 83 incidents that required the air ambulance helicopter and eight where a car was used.

David Hanson MP said: “We cannot understate the tireless work of the Wales Air Ambulance. In rural areas, like Flintshire, there are often times when a car or normal ambulance will not do, and a helicopter is needed.

“Without the skills and resources of our Air Ambulance crews we would be less safe. Having the chance to meet with these dedicated people in Parliament is of the utmost importance.

“I want to thank each and every person who works for the Wales Air Ambulance service and I hope that they continue to receive the resources they need.”

Mr Hanson said that MPs need to ensure that the UK Government is held to account for its funding to the Welsh Government and charities.

He added that, if they fail to invest in Wales, the UK Government fail to improve our health and wellbeing.

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