A QUIRKY scheme has been launched in Flintshire in an attempt to save its high street shops.

Flintshire Small Business Network (FSBN) is set to launch a 'pop-up' shop in Buckley this month.

The move has seen it take over an empty shop premises, of which it will rent out to up to ten shops at any one time.

The shops will each have a two by two meter stall, akin to a craft fair, to sell their products.

It’s £15 to book a 2 x 2 meter space but £10 per day if you book the same space for a week.

And as well as that, FSBN will deliver goods purchased online free of charge to customers.

The move is to help save small high street businesses, with high street shops disappearing all over the country.

The launch of the shop, situated in Buckley shopping precinct, will be on June 10.

Martin Evans, managing director of FSBN, said: "Many small businesses would love to have a shop on the high street, but simply can't rent and other such charges.

"This why we're trying to do something different to give various small businesses the chance to trade on the high street.

"There are a lot of empty spaces on our high streets, and we feel this is a way we can help keep some shops on the high street."

FSBN is part of a wide UK Business Network which is supporting and promoting small businesses, by helping them to grow and expand their reach locally and nationally, through digital networking and social, local and mobile marketing strategies.

Contact FSBN on 07481195453 to organise your pop up shop.