A MAN from Wrexham who was refused the chance to bet on a race at a betting shop responded by smashing the TV screen.

Richard Ashman, 32, of Bryn Coed, Gwersyllt, pleaded guilty at Chester Magistrates Court to criminal damage.

Prosecuting, Kerry Pepperell said it was about 8pm on April 2 when Ashman went to place a bet at the Betfred store on Watergate Street, Chester, just as a race being shown on the TV was about to start.

There had been a prior incident the week before when Ashman had not paid for one of his bets and the bookmakers took the decision not to accept any more of his bets.

The staff member refused to accept Ashman's bet and he responded by shouting abuse at her, calling her a 'sket' and a 'slag'.

Ashman threw a pot of pens and then threatened to "rip off the TV" before throwing a glass of water at it, causing the £190.80 24 LCD Samsung TV to break.

Ashman had 24 previous convictions for 72 offences, the most recent in March 2019 when he received a conditional discharge for criminal damage – kicking at a door of a property of a former partner – which he had now breached.

Previously he had received a five-year jail term for conspiracy to burgle.

Jeremy Rawson, defending, said Ashman, a kitchen manager working in Chester, had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and Ashman's account of events mirrored that of the prosecution.

It was not the sort of offence that would attract a prison sentence, even with Ashman's criminal record.

Roy Baron, chairing the magistrates, said it was "quite an unpleasant incident" and Ashman was likely to receive a community order.

The hearing was adjourned for a pre-sentence report to be compiled and Ashman was released on unconditional bail to appear back before Chester Magistrates Court on June 13 for sentencing.