A MAN has apologised for threats he made on New Year's Eve including one that he would kill his mother's neighbours and burn down their Wrexham home.

People were scared and children out enjoying the end of year celebrations were ushered into their homes when the night was ruined, a court was told.

Shaun Aaron Royce, 21, of Derby Road in Brynteg, was placed on a community order at North East Wales Magistrates Court and before leaving apologised for what he had done.

"I would like to say sorry to them," he said.

Magistrates also fined him £120 with £85 costs and an £85 surcharge.

Royce had admitted a public order offence in the early hours of January 1.

The Mold court heard members of the neighbouring Woodcock family had been traumatised but there had been no injuries and magistrates said they had decided not to order compensation.

But they made a two year restraining order not to approach five adult members of the Woodcock family and he is not to enter Connor Crescent in

Caia Park where the incident occurred.

A prosecution application for a criminal behaviour order to be imposed will be heard at Wrexham Magistrates Court on June 13.

Prosecutor Justin Espie said just after midnight police received a call from Royce's mother who said her son had "gone mad".

It was alleged he was drunk and had attempted to strangle her.

He had removed cutlery from a drawer and was in possession of a small hammer.

She had locked herself in the bathroom.

At the same time members of the Woodcock family were outside celebrating New Year's Eve and were watching fireworks when Royce left his

mother's home.

He started kicking his mother's door, was aggressive and was swearing towards them.

Without any provocation he shouted "I will kill you all" and "I will bite your face off."

He threatened to burn their house down and scared children were taken inside for their own safety..

A man was seen to be physically holding Royce back but he went into the neighbours' garden where he threatened to set fire to the house and to "bite your nose off".

It was alleged he was in possession of a thin piece of metal which

had been described as a knife but which Royce in his basis of plea – not accepted by the prosecution but accepted by the court – said was a hammer.

The Woodcock family locked themselves in their home and called the police.

Officers who arrived to find him bare-chested in the front garden warned him he would be tasered and he went down on his knees.

Royce was highly intoxicated, Mr Royce said.

In a victim impact statement Keith Woodcock said he had lived at his home for more than 30 years but said over the last 12 to 18 months Royce would attend at the address under the influence and would shout and swear.

Royce's behaviour was volatile and Mr Woodcock said he worked 12-hour shifts and it had an impact on him and his family.

Donna Woodcock said Royce had been aggressive and angry and said she heard him say he would bomb the house.

Children were scared, he had ruined New Year's Eve and she hoped he would not be allowed to return to her parents' address so that

they could feel safe.

Euros Jones, defending, said his client was clearly remorseful about what had happened.