ANNOYED residents have demanded more action to tackle potholes in Gwersyllt.

One resident said he counted up to 15 potholes on a main and busy road in the area.

Rob Evans, 66, of Stansty Gardens, Gwersyllt, said: “I took pictures to highlight the state that our roads are in.

“The pictures are of a 200 yard stretch of road, which starts when turning left out of Stansty Gardens towards the Wheatsheaf Inn Pub along the Old Mold Road.

“I’m sure that I’m not the only one to complain about this issue, and also wondering where all of the allocated budget money has gone for these type of repairs to be carried out? It’s a disgrace.”

The Leader:

A local taxi driver, James Smith, said: “It’s an absolute joke that my car keeps getting rattled to death due to them. It’s getting to the point where I’m seriously considering going round with a few bags of cement and filling them in myself with concrete.”

Another resident, Dom Baxter, 29, from Gwersyllt, said: “The pothole at the bottom of Wheatsheaf Lane is huge and once in a while, it actually gets filled in.

“However, within a week or so, the fill has gone and it’s back to being a pothole.

“I know it costs a lot of money for roads to be repaired but if they are going to be done, then they should be done properly, especially on the Old Mold Road, which is extremely busy at all times.”

Declan Gamage, added: “I live in Gwersyllt and I have noticed that the council have done some repairs at the junction at the bottom of Wheatsheaf Lane.

“However, these repairs will not last and they will be open holes again, as soon as we get a heavy rain fall.”

The Leader:

Cllr David A Bithell, lead member for environment and transport, said: “Repairing potholes at the moment is a never ending task and is not only an issue in Wrexham but across the UK.

“We empathise with road users but during the current economic climate there are no extra resources to invest in the road infrastructure.

“We will continue to make repairs as and when we can and urge people to continue to report them on 01978 292289 or online at”