A WOMAN from Wrexham claimed more than £7,000 in housing benefit she was not entitled to over a near three-year period, a court was told.

Kinga Dymek believed she “could earn as much as she wanted”, yet at the same time she was claiming housing costs from Wrexham Council.

Prosecutor Helen Tench told North East Wales Magistrates Court that Dymek failed to notify the authority of an increase in her household income and illegally claimed housing benefit between December 2014 and October 2017.

The overpayment amounted to £7,300.

The prosecutor noted: “The claim was not false from the beginning.

"When she was interviewed she said she was aware of the changes that might affect her housing benefit, but she said she didn’t know about her income.

“She said she thought she could earn as much as she wanted each month.”

The Mold court was told Dymek had failed to attend a previous hearing and appeared in custody after being arrested on a warrant but she had been in Poland and had not received any paperwork relating to her court appearance.

Dymek, 33, of Caia Road, pleaded guilty to failing to notify Wrexham Council of a change of circumstances that would affect her entitlement to housing benefit.

Magistrates were told the sentencing hearing would require a probation report and the availability of a Polish translator and the hearing was adjourned until May 24.