A SHOTTON school invited teachers to see how best to use a visual maths resource.

Numicon is a collection of flat coloured plastic shapes which represent different numerical values.

Ysgol Ty Ffynnon became the first Numicon advocate in Wales last year, which means it provides open mornings to share good practice for other schools across the region.

One such open event took place on Wednesday at the school.

Head teacher Nia Goldsmith explained: "We demonstrate how the resource can be used throughout the school from nursery up to year six.

"It is hands on apparatus for the children to understand the value of numbers.

"Every class has a Numicon kit and they are able to work out mathematical tasks with it. "We also have a large version that we can use outdoors."

Asked what benefit Numicon brings to children, she added: "They become more confident and able to understand number work.

"We have had positive comments from the teachers whop attended the open event - it was very well received."