FLINTSHIRE residents learnt vital CPR and defibrillator training from specialists in the field.

Customers and staff of Grade One Barbers in Buckley were given the free training courtesy of Resuscitation Consultancy Medical Services (RCMS), a Buckley based resuscitation specialist.

Grade One Barbers, with the help of RCMS, has recently purchased a defibrillator, which has been installed inside the shop.

And last week, staff and customers got to grips with using the life-saving apparatus, as well as basic CPR techniques.

Dave Edwards, founder of RCMS and a consultant nurse, said: "It's a common misnomer that providing CPR restarts the heart, CPR buys time while defibrillators shock the heart back to life.

"For every minute without a defibrillator, survival chances decrease by 7-10%, so it's absolutely vital we have as many of these devices as possible and as many people trained in using them.

And Mr Edwards has pledged to help as many people learn life-saving skills as is demanded.

He added: "I'm more than happy to provide free resuscitation training to anyone who wants it, the more people with life-saving skills, the better."