A MOLD man is urging people to stop 'sleepwalking' and use their vote in the upcoming European Elections.

Simon Allen, of Northop, wanted to stand as as a Member of European Parliament because he wanted to make a difference, but failed to raise the £5,000 target.

He said people are often put off from voting because they believe that it would not make a difference.

He told the Leader: "Every vote counts, if you don't vote then you can't complain about the outcome. The only way you can be sure that your voice is heard is to vote.

"You may not win this time or the next but you may the time after.

"Politics is broken and politicians are broken and people don't know who to listen to, who to trust. It's all about personality, not policy.

"Democracy isn't breaking down but things aren't as simple as they once were, people are sleepwalking.

"People still haven't grasped what Brexit is really about, what the real ramifications are. Many people are voting because they want it all to be over. They will get an outcome they don't want just so it stops."

Elections for the European Parliament take place every 5 years and will be held this month on May 23.

Following the referendum on June 23, 2016, in which 51 per cent of those who voted supported leave, there has been much debate over what is actually the best outcome for the UK.

Mr Allen said: "I feel the original referendum was rather flawed because of it just being a binary vote.

"The referendum was just for indication and yet as soon as Theresa May got hold of it, it's the will of the people.

"It's a monumental change for the future. Politicians have said they will deliver on the will of the people but when she started in 2017 she lost a huge amount of support, that should have been an indication the majority of the population weren't behind Brexit. There's an awful lot of mixed feelings about it."

Mr Allen said politicians are only listening to the 37 per cent of the electorate who voted and a further referendum is needed once all facts are known.

He added: "There's evidence to show it will harm our country financially and its people. I can't understand why Wales would vote to lose some of its income. No-one would vote for a pay cut for themselves because that's effectively what you are doing. Wales has had more money out of the EU than it's ever put in.

"his was a vote against Government. It's all about certainty and the only way we can have that it to evoke article 50. We should spend five years going through everything.

"I would ask people to vote objectively. Look at the comparison of Britain in the 60s to Britain now.

"We have become a much more successful economy. People will say the world has changed but part of that is because of the EU.

"If we remain, we are a big voice in Europe and if we leave it will harm the EU as well. Unity is better than division.

"A lot of people are voting to control immigration but the problem is, the majority of immigration is outside of the EU anyway so it's fallacious. People here are able to contribute to society, the people we need."

The 35-year-old is a director for a website development business and since the discussions around Brexit started, he has felt an impact in his business.

He said: "I've found business very hard because people haven't got so much money. We've found people are being more careful and aren't wanting to spend the cash they've got so we've sold less. There's a possibility it will get worse.

"A lot of people will agree with what I say, but it's getting people to stand up. If it goes through, and that's a big if, we've still got ten more years of huge change, this is just the beginning."