Plans to move Wales Comic Con to England in December has been branded a "disgrace".

Despite the event being a Wrexham success story and celebrating its 10 year anniversary at Glyndwr University last year, organisers have taken the decision to not only leave the town, but the country too.

Following the announcement on Tuesday that the next Wales Comic Con will take place at Telford International Centre on December 7 and 8, Plaid Cymru Councillor Carrie Harper said: “This is more than disappointing - it's a disgrace.

"Wales Comic Con was an incredibly popular event and brought thousands of people to Wrexham. It's now re-locating to Telford.

"It emphasises the need for Wrexham to have better facilities to attract similar events in future. Better conferencing facilities for example."

Announcing the move, a spokesman for Wales Comic Con said: "We're very pleased and super excited to announce our new event, just over the border - Wales Comic Con: Telford Takeover!

"As you know, the past few Wales Comic Cons have been the biggest ever and our traditional Welsh stomping ground has become a little... cosy.

"You've asked for a new and bigger venue (preferably one out of the rain), and we're thrilled to finally be able to deliver as we head to the Telford International Centre for our winter event."

Readers have been having their say on the Leader's facebook page.

Miri Collard said: "'We're very pleased and super excited to announce our new event, just over the border - Wales Comic Con: Telford Takeover!' So they think this is funny - or clever? Just offensive is what it is."

Sharon Pugh said: "It’s a shame but Wrexham just doesn’t have the facilities that an event like this needs. There’s nowhere near enough parking for a start. It’s a struggle to park for some shows at William Aston hall so I imagine it was horrific for comic con. But surely there’s somewhere in North Wales that could accommodate it? Why England?"

Mandy O'Brien said: "Excellent idea much better venue and suited to big crowds from the exhibitions they hold there."

Gareth Cooper said: "Will it get the visitors? Wrexham has pretty good train and bus links for those who don't drive."

Kaylie Prescott said: "The first train to Telford from North Wales on a Sunday doesn't get there til nearly 1pm. Would be 2 by the time you've arrived at the venue and queued. Day trippers accounted for about half of footfall so they're going to lose a lot of regular customers."

Nick James said: "If Wrexham wants to grow it needs to invest in exhibition venues. The old school site on Chester Road would be perfect for a modern state of the art building and multi-storey carpark."

Kaz Seel said: "What a joke! Not Wales Comic Con any more. This is not going to be easy to get to. Doesn't matter if it's the same organisers and staff. It's no longer Wales!"

John Gareth Davies said: "Can someone tell me when Telford was classed as Just over the border from Wrexham, it will be the Midlands C Con and nothing to do with Wales."

Kelsie Fowles said: "It won't be Wales comic con then. Wrexham will lose some money from this so I don't know why they are so proud of themselves."

Andy Stryder said: "Its simple, they have outgrown the venue, how are they supposed to make it bigger and better if there are no venues that can accommodate it around that area?"

Alexandra Reynolds said: "Guess it will suit some people but not others..shame though to leave somewhere where it's been popular."

Mike Robbo Robinson said: "Why would you want to remove the Wales part? It all started in Wales. People should be proud of it! Everyone complained about the last event saying it wasn't adequate anymore and they need a new venue, they get a new venue and everyone moans!"

A spokesman for Wrexham Glyndwr University said they hope to work with Wales Comic Con again in the future.

“Wales Comic Con are a valued partner for the university.

"Over the past number of years, we have built up a very positive relationship with the event organisers and the university campus has been instrumental in allowing the event to grow to the size it is today.

“As part of our Campus 2025 plans, we have already unveiled a series of proposals to upgrade our facilities and we look forward to working alongside them again in the near future.”