A GLOBAL reaching, Wrexham-based communications company has reached for the skies for its latest publicity stunt.

On Tuesday afternoon, a light aeroplane was seen flying a cryptic banner above the skies of Moneypenny's Western Gatweway Headquarters, which left many pondering its true meaning.

The sign, which said "Hey Moneypenny 5 fly to San Fran" was later confirmed to be the launch of an in-house competition the company is running for its staff this summer.

The Leader:

Joanna Swash, Managing Director of Moneypenny said:“We don’t do boring. Today’s flyby was our unique way of launching a competition for five of our fabulous team to win an all-expenses paid trip to San Francisco!

"The competition will take place at our Summer party, the details of which are still top secret.

"The social aspect of work is very important to us - From desks to our pub, at fundraising events and team lunches or parties for the whole company. Each year we up the ante.

"An engaged and happy team is critical to any business success; our growth is testament to that. There will be more surprises for the team as details are revealed in the run up to the event in July.”