A BUDDING rapper and mental health patient is showing that disabilities do not have to be constraints in the pursuit of dreams.

Trevor Yau, who lives in Mold, lives with paranoid schizoaffective disorder.

But that has not prevented him from pursuing his passion of making music, so much that he released his debut studio album in 2016.

Trevor, who has built a strong following to his YouTube and Facebook videos, linked up with Temple Records music store in Hereford for the launch of his 'Locked in Rehab’ album, named in reference to the mental illness rehabilitation units he has stayed in.

As well as his album launch, one of Trevor’s recent rap videos on Facebook has received more than a quarter of a million views.

He said: "I had a difficult childhood, but I'm just living, breathing proof that people suffering from mental illness can still follow their passion.

"Mental illness or not, if you have the hustle, drive and dreams, your dreams can come true.

And Trevor has urged other people suffering with mental health problems to find something they're passionate about.

"Music has helped me in many ways through my mental struggles, driving me to get on with life and to look at the good things in life,” he said.

"I'd say to any person struggling to go out and find something you love doing, to find something to live for.

"That's what can drive you on to keep going when things get really bad."