STUDENTS at a Flintshire school participated in a professional cycle training programme to help boost their skills and confidence on busy roads.

A group of 12 year seven Flint High students geared up for a three day Bikeability course - the UK’s only government-recognised scheme, which is designed to improve cycling proficiency.

The comprehensive course equips young people to recognise and perceive hazards on the road, understand road positioning, how to pass queueing traffic and much more.

Using their own bicycles, two students achieved level one (which helps new cyclists to learn basic skills and how to control their bicycle) and ten students gained level two and three, practicing short journeys on local streets and progressing to planning and making an independent journey on busier roads.

Helen Jones, PSHE coordinator and science teacher, organised the training.

She said: “The three-day course has been excellent.

"The students thoroughly enjoyed the training, even though it was cold, wet and windy.

“The trainers were all highly professional and were super with the students.

"They filled them with confidence and by the end of the third day they were so eager to be out on their bikes and were much more self-assured.

“Following the training we are now going to talk to the student council about designing some safe cycle routes to school.

"This can be displayed at school where all the students can see it and hopefully this will encourage them to ride to school.

"Ultimately the goal is to take this higher and approach the local council to ask them to put more things in place for cyclists in Flint, and hopefully provide some funding towards new bike racks at school.

“We know how important physical exercise is for young people’s social and emotional wellbeing and how it creates the foundations for healthy behaviours and educational attainment.

"As a school we take this very seriously and we will do everything we can to ensure our students are healthy and happy.”

Pupil Maja Mazurkiewicz said: “The training was really good.

"I learnt so many other things about bikes which I didn’t know before. It has given me confidence to ride on the road.”

Another pupil, Jack Owen, added: “I enjoyed being outside and doing something practical that I can use.”

On completion of the Bikeability training, the students received a badge and a certificate in recognition of the level they achieved.

The certificate also includes areas for further practice noted by the instructor.