RESIDENTS have welcomed the redevelopment of a former village pub site.

Plans for the demolition of the Rainbow Inn in Gwernymynydd and the creation of two semi detached homes in its place were approved by Flintshire Council in October last year.

The building, in Ruthin Road, has now been completely knocked down and residents told the Leader how they feel about it.

Heather Williams said: "I don't think it was an eyesore, but nothing was done with it.

"And it was a white stone building in the middle of a red brick area and that's not right.

"There were problems with vandalism as well - the windows were smashed to smithereens.

"It's marvellous that it's been knocked down now."

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "It's good - it was an eyesore."

Philippa Price, 33, said: "I thought it was sad in a way, but people didn't make the use of it that they could have.

"We won't miss living next to it, but it was a nice pub when it was up and running.

"Later on it was definitely an eyesore and people let their dogs foul all over the place by the front."

Mrs Price's husband Phil added: "It was nice a few years ago and it did a good Sunday roast. It is a shame it closed but I am glad it is gone now.

"We're just pleased something it being done with it."

According to a design and access statement by Dutch Architecture, on behalf of Wheeler Homes, an earlier application to demolish the property and replace it with a 'comparable structure' was refused by the council.

This, the plan states, was because the council expressed the view that the building still fulfilled a historical role within its village centre setting.

But the document went on to explain: "The demise of the inn followed years of declining trade in an ever competitive commercial environment and declining expenditure on maintenance.

"Although superficially the public house exterior portrayed a characterful inn, its internal fabric suffered from many defects - some being inherited from earlier construction and others linked to past building alteration projects.

"Since closure and a long period of unsuccessful advertising as the continuing public house, the building has suffered from further structural and fabric failure and also from significant vandalism."