CLUBBERS visiting a nightclub in Wrexham will now be subject to a 100% search policy.

ATIK has introduced the policy as part of its successful safety initiative, We Care, to help clubbers keep safe on a night out in the town.

The Brook Street venue, which installed new airport style security arches for added safety last year, has now begun a company wide policy to search every customer that enters the doors.

ATIK’s general manager Mat Evans said: "Customer service and safety is paramount to our guests having a great night out, which is why we’ve developed our ‘We Care’ initiative further.

"We’re the only venue in Wrexham to have a 100% search policy. Alongside our security arches, we’ve incorporated quick and simple checks to make sure our customers stay as safe as they can whilst inside our venue.

"We’ve added extra staff at the entrance to help guests through the doors as quick as we can but advise customers to arrive earlier rather than later to avoid the queues or even pre-book a ticket to receive a queue-jump pass alongside a discounted price.

"We’ve not had any complaints so far and customers have commented that they think it’s a great idea. By making these small changes, we can focus on delivering an overall great customer experience."

The We Care initiative by The Deltic Group, which operates ATIK, was introduced in 2018 and includes a taxi escort service for vulnerable individuals, free handbag cloakroom service and access to a landline (free of charge) for those who lose their phone.

Staff have been trained to look out for vulnerable customers, offer support and question anyone leaving the venue alone.

ATIK is part of The Deltic Group, the UK’s largest operator for late night bars and clubs, with 57 venues nationwide and 3,000 employees.