A PERVERT collected hundreds of “underskirt” pictures of women and girls using a shoe camera.

Kevin Bacchus was caught out committing his deviant acts at a 1940 festival in Colwyn Bay and his stash of intrusive videos was uncovered.

Bacchus, 64, admitted he suffered from a sexual dysfunction which compelled him to take “upskirting” pictures and he would have been prosecuted under new legislation had his case come to court earlier.

The former Rhyl resident, now of Balkwell Avenue, North Shields, Tyne and Wear, admitted five counts of outraging public decency.

He also pleaded guilty to taking 111 indecent photographs of children between August 2011 and April 2018 as well as making two indecent images of children in the highest category of seriousness between 2007 and April 2018.

Mold Crown Court was told a festival goer noticed Bacchus behaving strangely as he was placing his foot in a position near to bystanders and pretending to lean past them.

Using the camera lens attached to the end of his shoe, Bacchus was filming under female skirts using a pocket remote control.

He was arrested by an off-duty police officer and admitted he had been carrying out the sinister filming for around six years all for his own sexual gratification.

The videos were kept on a home-build computer, but while he initially claimed there were none of children, prosecuting barrister Jonathan Austin said that was later found not to be true.

Among the video clips that he filed were those of two 15-year-old girls and a teenager in school uniform.

The victims also included a 60-year-old woman, who was shocked to hear she had been captured intimately.

Another woman feared where the footage might end up, although Bacchus did not share the images online.

Indecent images of children, unrelated to the “upskirting” were also found on his devices.

Defence barrister Matthew Curtis said Bacchus was a man without previous convictions who had shown remorse and the willingness to seek out help for his deviancy.

“He knows he has much to lose by continuing with this behaviour,” said the barrister.

Jude Niclas Parry spared Bacchus jail by suspending his 12-month sentence for two years but he ordered him to complete a 30-day sex offenders programme.

Bacchus was also placed under a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and banned from using a micro camera in public.

“You violated the privacy of hundreds of women in what was a pre-mediated conduct," the judge said.

"You armed yourself so you could take intimate photographs and caused a significant amount of emotional distress for the victims."