A FACTORY worker from Wrexham died after sustaining a serious head injury at home.

An inquest into the death of Steven Carl Miller, 58, of Churton Drive in Caia Park heard how he had fallen during the early hours of November 24.

Mr Miller’s wife Amanda said she was woken up at about 5am following a loud bang.

She found her husband on the floor unresponsive and called for an ambulance who took him to Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

In a statement, their son Craig said his father's health had deteriorated over the years and he had problems with his eyesight and heart which caused him difficulty in walking.

Mr Miller said his parents had recently had a new extension built on their house and it could have been that his father was disoriented when he had woken in the early hours of the morning.

When he arrived at the hospital at around midday, he was told his father had bleeding on his brain and hospital staff wanted to transfer him to the Royal Stoke Hospital for treatment.

He said: “By the time he arrived he deteriorated, and his condition didn’t improve.

“Dad was a happy person and didn’t complain of any health problems.

"He was a well-liked family man and he will be sadly missed.”

John Gittins, coroner for North Wales (East and Central), said upon arrival at the hospital Mr Miller could not recall events leading to the fall or afterwards and appeared to be confused. He was transferred to Stoke at about 1.30pm.

On arrival at the Staffordshire hospital he deteriorated quickly and doctors were surprised with the level of consciousness from someone with his degree of injuries.

However, due to his complex medical history and medical conditions, he was unable to have surgery.

Mr Miller died at the Royal Stoke Hospital on November 25.

Mr Gittins told the hearing a post-mortem examination was carried out which showed no evidence of alcohol or drugs and no underlying diseases.

It did show internal and external bleeding to the head.

The coroner concluded the cause of death was a head injury following an accidental fall.

He told the family at the Ruthin hearing: “Doctors were amazed by level of consciousness despite extent of injuries which I think speak volumes for spirit of this fella.

“My condolences of the loss of this man. I’m sure you miss him hugely and I’m sure it’s really difficult.

“I think ultimately, the extent of those injuries suggests everyone made the right decisions.”

Son Craig added: “At least he’s not suffering. He was suffering in so many ways, as horrible as it sounds.

“They were amazing in Wrexham and Stoke. They gave the best care they could.

"It’s just one of those things.”