A ONE-STOP shop with information about scams and how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim has been held in Flint.

OWL Cymru came together with North Wales Police, TSB Bank, Action Group Flintshire and Delyn’s Assembly Member came together to showcase who residents can call upon for advice and support.

Hannah Blythyn AM said: “Holding events like this is important for all residents as scams can come in so many forms. The internet has created new opportunities for scammers and fraudsters and can catch people out with increasingly sophisticated appearing schemes.

“Bringing together several organisations that are available in the area – such as local bank, OWL Cymru and North Wales Police – is vital to ensure that people remain vigilant, stay safe and keeping their information confidential as scammers change their tactics time and time again.”

The Leader:

From left; Denise Edwards and Susan Griffiths, from OWL Cymru, and Hannah Blythyn, AM for Delyn, at the event in Flint Library on Friday afternoon, May 10 (Pic/Andrew Nuttall)

Fraud teams from TSB Bank and North Wales Police told the Leader how scammers can end up putting their victims in a ‘vicious cycle’ of repeat attacks as scammers are known to share out the details they gather in the chance of getting a repeat hit of cash.

Denise Edwards, CEO of OWL Cymru, said: “We have witnessed a major spike in doorstep crime around North Wales and we are doing all we can to spread the message that help is available. Events like this are all about raising awareness of keeping up with the latest scams to prevent further victims.

“The list of scams is growing by the day and, as one scam is caught out it seems that two or three more new scams show up in its place. We are fighting a losing battle to stay ahead of the scammers but keeping people attentive can sometimes help us spot scammers before they can do any harm.

“We will never know the true scale of how much or how often people are being scammed if it sometimes goes unrecorded as people can end up feeling embarrassed and frustrated that they have fallen victim to these criminals.”

Denise added that these events could expand out to other areas where OWL have been notified of a high number of potential victims to scams and cold callers in a bid to prevent these crimes.

For more information about scam awareness, go to www.north-wales.police.uk/advice-and-support/fraud/what-is-fraud.