CHILDREN decided to take the fate of the local environment into their own hands.

Caergwrle children Catherine, 5, and Alexander, 3, Lloyd cleaned up 'an astonishing amount of rubbish' from areas of the village, with the help of Dad Ian.

The children, who attend Abermorddu Primary School, skirted the banks of the River Alyn and its surrounding areas, picking up a host of dumped items.

These included empty paint cans, crates, buckets, watering cans, boxes and, ironically, recycling bins.

Mr Lloyd said: "It's just a case of me and the kids trying to look after disused council land that is being dumped on by locals.

"We're just doing our bit to help the environment and keep the wildlife we have near us thriving.

"People have asked if they're inspired by young Greta Thunberg, but while my daughter watches a lot of documentaries that feature her, we do it for our own love of the outdoors."

And now, Mr Lloyd hopes to organise a community clean up in the coming weeks.

He added: "When a nice weekend of weather is forecasted, we hope to get the community out and cleaning up the area.

"There's too much to do just by ourselves, it would take years to clean. There's an astonishing amount of rubbish around."