A CANAL boat filled with local singers and musicians will make a stop to perform at an intimate venue in Llangollen this summer.

The Canal Boat Crew is set to visit the Telford Inn, in Trevor, on Monday, June 3 as part of their tour of North East Wales and North West England.

That will be one of 14 stops (ranging between Ellesmere, Chester, and Whitchurch) the group make over two weeks, with crew members swapping out for a new set of musically talented crew members after the seventh performance on June 7.

The unique canal boat tour was started by Neil Cardwell, from Sheffield, in 2015, and has ventured to parts all around the UK since then – including Norfolk and the West Midlands.

Mr Cardwell and his wife will be joined on the canal boat in June by eight members of crew who will bring their own respective musical talent.

The Canal Boat Crew will then venture along British waterways, making stops each evening of the week to perform at intimate venues across the region in ‘jam sessions’ which are free for anyone to attend or join in with.

After their seventh performance in Barbridge, eight new crew members will climb aboard the boat to replace those who played throughout the first week.

Very few, if any, of the crew members will know anyone else aboard the vessel as performers are chosen by Mr Cardwell on a first come, first served basis.

He said: “I thought it would be a good idea to start up holidays with musically like-minded people in 2015.

“So, since then I’ve been gathering together these people from all over the world who for the most part have never met each other. Spaces on the boat filled up much quicker this year than they ever have done before.

“As we go along the canal, we’ll be holding jam sessions where anybody and everybody can come along to play some music, sing, listen, and enjoy themselves.

“It’s totally free to attend, with people welcome to come along and join in with the music and singing that we do, but they can also do what they want to do or even just listen.”

The Canal Boat Crew are due to appear at The Telford Inn, at around 8.30pm on Monday, June 3, having already performed in Wrenbury and Ellesmere on the two previous nights.

The group of musicians are also set to perform in Whittington Wharf, Maesbury Marsh, Whitchurch, Barbridge, Middlewich, Anderton, Christleton, Chester, and Stoak.