A NEW installation at a town arcade has got people talking.

The Central Arcade in Wrexham has a new installation, 'Wrexham, Look Up!!' which features more than 200 brightly coloured paper globes have been installed above the shops over the last few days.

The idea came about during a chance meeting in a café between Central Arcade shop owner of Abode Above, Daphne Roberts and Wrexham Building Art Project volunteer lead, Wayne Price.

They decided to work together to brighten up the shopping area with the aim of reminding people that Central Arcade is a charming place to visit, this resulted in the globes installation.

The organisers say they have already received positive feedback about the installation, with descriptions ranging from 'amazing', 'lovely' and 'pretty', to 'cool' and 'brilliant'.

The Leader:

Daphne said: “The feedback so far has been overwhelming, everyone loves it. We need people to know that Central Arcade is a gem in the heart of Wrexham, as well as home to a number of small, independent businesses. So please look up, look around, support your local independents and tell everyone that ‘Central Arcade is so much more than a thoroughfare."

Wayne Price said: “As always there is a lot of people to thank for putting together a project of this size.

"Thanks first of all to Daphne, Steven, Angie of RedCrafts and all the traders of Central Arcade for their help, vision and desire to get this project done thank you to the landlords of Central Arcade for their permission, Thank you to the volunteers on the day, Daphne, Christian, Angie and Sharon Rogers. “

The installation was completed on Wednesday afternoon. Wrexham Building Art Project is a community-based project with the aim of creating street art and street murals throughout the town.

Anyone can join the project whether they are artists, businesses, adults, children or any member of the Wrexham local community. It is jointly funded via Wrexham Business Group CIC and Wrexham Council's Together in Wrexham Grant.

The Leader: