EMPLOYEES at a supermarket in Cefn Mawr have cleaned up graffiti at a popular country park.

Lee White, 29 , a checkout manager at the Tesco’s store in Cefn Mawr, expressed his frustration over the vandalism by sharing a post of the graffiti covered building on Facebook on Wednesday.

He posted the picture with the added caption: "Very sad to see this graffiti in Ty-Mawr today. Myself and some colleagues will be cleaning this up over the next couple of days."

Mr White added: "It was brought to our attention earlier this week by a number of customers and we like to fully support our local community."

Video and images by Craig Colville

Angry residents and users of the park took to the social media platform to express their disbelief over this incident, as well as expressing their gratitude towards the employees for taking time out of their schedules to restore pride within the area.

Leah Edwards wrote: “So sad to see this happening to a place of such beauty, hats off to you Tesco.”

Anthony Griffiths wrote: “Well done Tesco, should not be up to you to do it though. Whoever did this should have the guts to admit it and apologise, then be made to go litter picking around the area.”

Wayne Jones, said: "Well done Tesco, great job lads."

Jenny Robertson Miller said: "Fair play to you lads, good job. Thanks for doing that for our community."

Loraine Foulkes, said: "Well done to the staff at Tesco, who ever did this should be ashamed of themselves."

David Geoffrey, said: "Good community spirit."

Despite the out-pouring of offers to assist with the clean up, which took place on Thursday morning, Mr White, expressed his appreciation to those that kindly offered to volunteer via Facebook.

He said: “We had all the tools and equipment needed to complete this job.

“We would like to thank everyone that offered to give up their time to support us with this task.”