A FAMILY aims to give back to the local community in memory of a Buckley man.

Andrew Jones, known as Andy, died at the age of 45 at Holywell Community Hospital, following a long battle with a brain tumour.

Wife Nicola Jones started a fund raising page to get him specialised private treatment after operations and treatment proved unsuccessful, this raised £30,000.

However, the private treatment was also unsuccessful, and the tumour continued to grow.

With the left over money, Nicola said she wanted to do something in memory of her husband, and donated equipment to the community hospital to help both staff and patients of the ward where Andy had stayed.

She told the Leader: "Andy was very much the person who gave back and always thought of others.

"We started a crowd funding page for Andy and when he died we had money left over. We decided it would be a nice thing to give back to Holywell Community Hospital because that is where he died.

"We asked them what they wanted because we wanted to give back to the specific department, and they gave us a list of things to help both the staff and the patients."

Items that were donated included fans, I-Pads, speakers and record players.

Nicola added: "It is to help their patients interact. The ward sister looked after Andy to the end.

"It's a privilege really to be able to give back. They were amazing with Andy, they couldn't have given better care and we are really grateful.

"It was a difficult time and they were really supportive and they just remember you, they are all lovely.

"We still have more money and we are hoping to donate it to Sandycroft School because they were really good with Andy and they raised quite a lot of money. Andy was a governor there."

Andy was diagnosed with a grade two brain tumour in 2010 which had to be removed, and then in 2016 it had returned with aggression, known as glioblastoma. He had to undergo another operation and a third operation in 2017.

He lost his battle with glioblastoma on August 30, 2018 and his family and friends say he will be greatly missed.