FOUR inspiring slimmers from Flint have worked as a team to achieve an incredible weight loss.

Kim Harvey, Chezanne Beck, Jodie Williams and Zoe Loftus, all from Flint, joined the local Slimming World group in September 2018 with the goal of losing 2 stone each – nicknaming themselves ‘Team Two Stone’ – but have since smashed their initial goals and are on track to continue their staggering weight loss.

Kim lost two and a half stone, Chezanne and Jodie shed three stone and Zoe has dropped three and a half stone – a grand total of 12 stone between them all.

Kim said: “We started our Slimming World journey again in September, all for different reasons, but we knew it would be the last time.

The Leader:

Slimmers before losing weight, from left to right: Jodie Williams, Kim Harvey, Zoe Loftus and Chezanne Beck

Chezanne added: “We have always said we wouldn't be doing it without each other's support and our friendship has grown more while our waistlines have been shrinking.”

They have since re-named their group ‘Team Target’ which has grown to include other members of the group sharing tips, recipes and general positivity to help achieve their target weight.

Zoe said: “We created a group chat to share food ideas but more importantly for us to celebrate our successes or ask for help from friends when it's needed if you’re having a bad day.”

Jodie said: “We were so determined meeting up in group every week to have that time to ourselves, to sit in class regardless of loss or a gain and have the support from the best consultant.”

The Leader:

Slimmers after losing weight, from left to right: Jodie Williams, Kim Harvey, Zoe Loftus and Chezanne Beck

Group leader Emily Hill, who runs a class in Flint Town Hall on Tuesday and Friday each week, told the Leader what an inspiration the women have been to the whole group.

She said: “These ladies are absolutely owning their change! They have been so supportive of one another, the whole group really, and it such a lovely thing to see women empowering one another.

“They bring a lot of positivity to the group and that is something that can make all the difference when facing the scales. The lovely ladies all work so hard and I am thrilled for them that they have got the results they want.”

For more information about the group, search for ‘Emily Flint Slimming World’ on Facebook or visit the website