A PROLIFIC shoplifter has been jailed for 14 weeks and banned from shops in two Flintshire towns.

Natasha Morris, said to have previous convictions for more than 60 offences, was also made the subject of a two year criminal behaviour order.

Among other things, it bans her from entering retail premises in Mold and Buckley.

Morris, 33, of Maes Walwen in Bagillt, was in breach of a recently imposed suspended prison sentence.

North East Wales Magistrates Court at Mold heard how her convictions stemmed from drug use.

Magistrates said she received a suspended sentence on March 19 but a matter of days later she stole from Boots in Mold.

Morris admitted stealing property valued at £64 from Boots together with another shoplifting offence in December at The Best One store in Mold where she stole some lager.

She admitted assaulting a member of staff, using a bank card which did not belong to her and being in breach of the suspended sentence.

Prosecutor Justin Espie said a mental health nurse's card had been stolen and used five times in contactless transactions.

In the Best One Store Morris was challenged by a member of staff.

Morris assaulted the employee before leaving with two cans of lager valued at £3.20.

On March 20, in breach of a suspended sentence, she was seen on CCTV at Boots in Mold selecting a number of items, tampering with them and then leaving without paying.

Gary Harvey, defending, said the criminal behaviour order was not opposed.

But magistrates agreed a suggested condition banning her from Mold would not be imposed because she also lived at an address in Milford Street, Mold.

He stressed only one of the offences put her in breach of the suspended sentence.

Mr Harvey said Morris had been placed on drugs rehabilitation but it had to be conceded that there had been no real compliance since it was imposed.

He said her mother suffered ill-health and the defendant's priority had been to look after her.

He suggested a fine would be appropriate for what was a first breach of the order.

Magistrates activated the suspended sentence and imposed prison sentences for the new offences.

They ordered her to pay total compensation of £117.