A YOUNG man involved in a neighbour dispute who went out into the street with a knife has been jailed.

Jake Probert, 22, had pleaded not guilty to possessing the knife at the magistrates court and but was convicted and was committed to the crown court for sentence.

His appeal against the conviction was rejected at Mold Crown Court where he was jailed for 15 months.

Judge Timothy Petts made a 10-year restraining order under which he is not to approach complainant Thomas Lloyd or his family, who are Probert's mother's neighbours.

He said that in April of last year there had been a confrontation in the street with Mr Lloyd, a man with whom the defendant had a long-standing grudge.

"There has been a long period of ill-feeling. This has to stop," the judge said.

The judge said it had to be immediate custody for taking a knife out into the street in circumstances where he had a long-standing grudge.

Barrister Jemma Gordon, prosecuting, said in a victim impact statement Mr Lloyd told how he had previous problems with Probert, of Queens Avenue in Flint.

He did not feel safe after seeing Probert come out into the street with a knife and said he was constantly on edge.

Barrister Dafydd Roberts, defending, said it was conceded there was potential for serious disorder to have a knife in an angry state outside someone's house, but the sentence was within the range where it could be suspended.

He said Probert suffered from anxiety and depression.

If allowed to keep his liberty he had a building job to start straight away.

Probation intervention would greatly assist to change his mindset, said Mr Roberts.

If he was sent to prison, he would be released within a relatively short time and his issues would not have been addressed.

The court heard Probert received a conditional discharge last year after he smashed a window at Mr Lloyd's house with a brick.

He received a 14 month sentence for the knife offence and an additional month for the previous damage, making 15 months in all.