A COMMUNITY group has launched a bid to finance its legal fight against a blueprint suggesting sites for around 8,000 new homes in Wrexham.

Wrexham Council voted to send its proposed Local Development Plan (LDP) to an inspector appointed by the Welsh Government last year.

The move came despite strong objections from residents in a number of areas, including Llay, where land has been earmarked for a gypsy and traveller site at Pont y Capel Lane.

Members of the Llay Action Group have now launched a crowdfunding appeal to generate money for legal representation as an independent inspector prepares to test the soundness of the plan.

It comes after they highlighted what they described as 'significant flaws' in the process.

A group spokesperson said: "We are now in a period of focused change on the LDP which further highlights significant flaws in the original selection process.

"To date the vast majority of legal costs, well into 5 figures, has been covered by members of the Llay Action Group.

"We are asking again for your help to retain our legal expert in order to legally represent the community at the public hearing.

"Our solicitors, Manby Bowdley LLP, are experts in this field and have helped us compile a huge amount of evidence to support our efforts."

Among the issues raised are the proposal to remove the land earmarked for the gypsy and traveller site on the edge of Alyn Waters Country Park from the green barrier or 'green wedge' as it will be known in future.

They claim the decision was taken without due process or consultation and there was a failure to consider alternative sites.

More than 3,500 responses were received from the public during a consultation into the LDP, of which around 1,400 were in objection to three proposed gypsy and traveller sites.

However, while 17 politicians opposed the plan, a majority of 30 raised their hands in support amid fears that ministers in Cardiff could take control of the process if they did not.

The action group's crowdfunding appeal can be found by visiting https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/llayactiongroup