A CONVICTED burglar who claimed he had been forced to receive a package of steroids and another controlled drug into Berwyn prison has been jailed for an extra 10 months.

Wayne Harvey, 31, had been searched after prison guards at the Wrexham jail noticed he did not seem to know a woman visitor, Mold Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor David Mainstone said a cling-film wrapped package was found in his underwear with 136 tablets of steroids and 74 of another controlled drug Subutex.

Mr Mainstone said Harvey explained that he believed the woman had been paid £200 to see him. She was never caught.

“She gave a name to the visitors’ log indicating she was the defendant’s partner. She was never located,” the prosecutor said.

Harvey admitted conveying drugs into prison.

Henry Hills, defending, said Harvey claimed to have stopped using drugs. The offences were on October 10, 2017.

His earliest date of release had been due to be in July but Judge Rhys Rowlands said the 10 months sentence would be served consecutively to his existing sentence.

“The effect of people taking drugs in prison is profound,” the judge said.

He added there had been a delay in bringing a straightforward case to court and told Harvey: “I am told your behaviour has improved and you are no longer taking drugs."