A WOMAN assaulted her husband of more than 30 years by pushing him, kicking him and jumping on his chest.

A schoolboy aged 16 who witnessed what was going on went to his aid.

The boy was commended by a court for his public-spirited actions in intervening and then attending court to give evidence.

North East Wales Magistrates Court was told that during an earlier trial when the boy was called as a prosecution witness, defendant Lynn Kelly falsely alleged the boy had assaulted her husband.

But after recordings of the boy's 999 call to the police were played to the court – in which he could be heard to be very caring and asking the man if he was alright – Kelly admitted what she had done.

Her husband was heard to say his wife had kicked him and he was being helped by three young boys.

Kelly, 55, of Bryn y Ffynnon in Brymbo, changed her plea and admitted that on February 23 she assaulted husband Phillip Kelly. She had already admitted a public order charge.

The Mold court heard Kelly was her husband's official carer but that both had issues and were vulnerable. The husband had attended court in support of his wife.

Magistrates told Kelly it was a nasty, prolonged offence but they took into account Kelly's difficulties and personal issues and placed her on a 12 month community order.

She was placed on rehabilitation and fined £50 with £620 costs.

And she was ordered to pay £50 compensation to the boy who magistrates said would have been distressed by what he had witnessed.

Prosecutor Rhian Jackson said Kelly was seen to push her husband to the ground.

The boy approached and asked if he wanted an ambulance but Kelly swore at him and said he was her husband.

She tried to push the boy away while the husband was lying on the floor.

Due to her aggressive behaviour the boy and his friends stepped back as she started to kick her husband to the head and body while lying on the floor.

The husband held his hands over his face to try to protect himself.

It was alleged she stood on his chest three times and kicked him seven or eight times.

As she did that, she looked at the boys and smiled.

Kelly went into her house and slammed the door and the boy dialled 999.

The victim was holding his chest and stomach and got up and started to go towards the house.

Mrs Jackson said that the boys went with him to make sure he was okay.

Kelly came out of the house, this time with crutches and shouted aggressively: "I will live my life as I want to."

She held the crutch above her head and swung it towards the boy who feared he would be hit and ran off.

But he and his friend went to her husband who wanted to go back into the house.

His wife was saying she would not hurt him and that he should take his meds.

Mrs Jackson said the husband did not want to make a complaint.

In a prepared statement Kelly said there had been an argument and some grappling and both ended up on the floor.

She indicated her husband was a type 1 diabetic and was recovering from a stroke.

Magistrates were told Kelly had no previous convictions but she had been cautioned in 2016 for assaulting her husband.

Probation officer Pam Roberts said the offence occurred following a dispute over money.

Kelly had expressed remorse and said she should have walked away.

Kelly, who had learning and mental health difficulties, wanted to move to Chester and make a fresh start and as a result of the offence she had been living on the streets for a time.

The couple had been married 33 years, she was his carer and the relationship did appear to be "somewhat problematic".

Ceri Lewis, defending, said her client was extremely remorseful "that things have got this far".

It was, she said, a sad state of affairs.

Both were vulnerable and suffered ill-health and in effect they cared for each other.

Social services were involved and there was a safeguarding assessment going on.

Both accepted they needed assistance.