CALLS to reinstate former Flintshire cabinet member Bernie Attridge rang out during a peaceful protest outside a town council meeting.

As Connah's Quay councillors attended their monthly meeting inside the building on Fron Road, close to 80 people turned out with placards and words of support for Cllr Bernie Attridge.

News had spread that he had been sacked from two top council roles a week ago, on March 28.

The Leader:

Close to 80 people were outside the Connah's Quay Town Council building this evening for the protest

The Leader has previously reported that Cllr Attridge was sacked by fellow Deeside councillor Aaron Shotton, who himself now resigned as leader for Flintshire Council citing ‘intolerable pressure’ on him since he decided to dismiss Cllr Attridge from roles at deputy council leader and cabinet member for housing.

Since then many members of the community have rallied round Cllr Attridge and voiced their gratitude for all he has done within their community.

Neither Cllr Shotton nor Cllr Attridge were at the town council meeting, although both are members.

The Leader:

Residents of Connah's Quay spoke about how Cllr Attridge has been a brilliant support for their community

Lynne Chick, who organised the event, said: “I'm overwhelmed with the support and great turnout.

“It's been said on social media we have been stirring up hate but it's about fairness and supporting our friend – he has supported the community massively.

“It just shows that by the people who turned up.

“We are all 100 per cent behind him. He's a great councillor and we all want him put back in his positions.”

Ms Chick is also urging people to use the hashtag #IStandWithBernie on social media to show their support for a community campaign to reinstate Cllr Attridge.

The Leader:

From left; Lynn Murphy, Stacey Clowes and Gary Sibbald

Resident Lynn Murphy added: “This is about change and supporting a councillor who has done so much for our community.”

Stacey Clowes, who also helped in organising the gathering, added: “Bernie has gone above and beyond for those who he represents.

“I’m proud to stand by him at this difficult time.”