SPEAKING to the Leader on the day that the country should have been leaving the EU, Hannah Blythyn gave her view on the hot topic of Brexit and what the people of Delyn need to know in ‘unprecedented and turbulent times’.

The Assembly Member for Delyn voiced her concerns over Britain’s exit from the European Union and what it means for North Wales as a whole.

She said that a no deal result would be ‘devastating’ for the country and is making sure that Delyn business owners have all they need in order to prepare.

Mrs Blythyn said: “In these unprecedented and turbulent times, it is vitally important that MPs foster a way forward in the interests of our country and provide the vital certainty and stability that businesses require to prepare for the road ahead and invest accordingly.”

“A no deal Brexit would be catastrophic and would have a devastating impact on many of the workplaces and communities in Delyn, throughout North Wales and across the country. Efforts to protect hard-fought for workers’ rights should not be jeopardised in any outcome.

“Governments have a responsibility to prepare for any eventuality and the Welsh Government has worked hard to do so.

“People are trying to prepare the best they can, be that strengthening supply chains or considering any new Brexit-related costs such as border checks. It is important that people have all the information possible to ensure they are best prepared.”

The AM explained that setting out what is required for the country in the White Paper “Securing Wales’ Future”, setting up the £50 million EU Transition Fund and providing almost 30,000 businesses with up to date and relevant information through the Business Wales Brexit portal.

The UK continues to find itself shrouded in uncertainty, and MP’s have so far failed to show majority support for any of the proposed Brexit deals in three indicative votes at Westminster.

Hannah noted: “One of the most striking elements since the referendum almost three years ago, is how the nature of debate has changed and not necessarily for the better. Concerns can be addressed without bowing to the lowest common denominator and ensuring that we remain respectful and courteous to one another.”

In these unprecedented times after the initial date set to leave the EU, there could be a further delay to Brexit which would mean the UK taking part in EU Parliament elections in May.

There are several possibilities including a no-deal Brexit that would mean the UK leaving the European Union and cutting ties immediately, with no agreement at all in place.

Or, despite the repeated rejection of Theresa May's deal, she could still manage to strike an agreement.