RAIL enthusiasts were given a treat at a Wrexham town centre station.

A special excursion train called at Wrexham General on Sunday morning and thrilled rail fans when it was manoeuvred into the little used bay platform to allow members of the Branch Line Society to sample some 'rare track'.

The special was in the course of a carefully planned day out taking in unusual routes and sections of track not normally used by passenger trains.

Only comprised of four coaches with a class 33 diesel locomotive at each end to help with the shunting moves at different stations.

The train started from Crewe and after calling at Wrexham went down the Bidston line onto the Merseyrail electrified third rail system to West Kirby before turning via the train depot at Birkenhead and running via Chester onto the Merseyrail Wirral line.

The last locomotive hauled trains in Wrexham's bay platforms were on the final day of the much lamented Wrexham and Shropshire open access operation which closed in 2011.

Since then they have seen occasional use by permanent way machines and empty diesel units.

George Jones, of the Llangollen Railway Trust, said: "We hope the promise class 230 units to be used in the Bidston line by Transport for Wales will make use of the lines in the bay."