A FATHER from Deeside punched his 18-month-old baby son while carrying out a senseless attack on his partially-blind wife.

The man was in a drunken stupor when he hit his wife twice and headbutted her, but he also ended up striking his child after missing with a blow to his partner.

But after hearing that the 39-year-old was “remorseful” for his actions North East Wales magistrates told him to pay his partner £200 compensation and complete 120 hours of unpaid work, while issuing a restraining order against him not to contact her for a year.

The Mold court heard the Connah's Quay man and his wife had been in a 13-year relationship.

He flew into a rage when a bike he was selling was stolen.

Prosecutor Justin Espie said: “He was worked up and had been drinking litres of cider.

"He was shouting and swearing and she told him to leave the house.

“But he returned 30 minutes later and he was even worse and he was saying he would smash the house up.

"He was screaming in her face and he struck her two times to the head which made her rock backwards, while her head was throbbing.”

While he was in a drowsy state the father collapsed for a spell on a bed at the couple's former home.

But when he woke he was still in a rage and “extremely aggressive” and was shouting “You’re not going to tell anyone” and “no-one is going to call the police”.

He then threatened to set fire to an item his wife was making for her mother.

“She began to leave and tried to get past him. At this point he tried to punch his victim with his right fist, but struck the top of the child’s arm," outlined Mr Espie.

"The child was screaming and she told him that he had 'hit his own son' and he started to scream at her.”

The court was told the infant had been left “absolutely terrified” by his father’s actions.

His mother tried to fend him off but he then headbutted her as he fled the house, leaving her with a lump to the back of her head.

A police missing persons alert was put out after he drove off in his car where a bottle of phosphoric acid was later found.

The father was eventually found by police dogs using thermal imaging equipment.

He admitted assaulting his wife by beating and assaulting his bay son by beating on March 5.

A probation report read to the court heard how he regretted his behaviour and recognised his consumption of alcohol had been a trigger.

He was drinking three litres of cider a day and it was affecting his behaviour, but he was now attending AA meetings.

Fiona Larkin, defending, said he was selling his bike to pay rent arrears.

“He felt quite desperate and, coupled with his drinking, it culminated in quite a lot of pressure," she said.

The solicitor pointed out the injuries were “minimal” and that neither his wife nor baby had needed medical treatment.

Magistrates imposed an 18-month community sentence on the father which also required him to attend 20 rehabilitation activity days.

He was also told to pay £200 court costs and a victim surcharge of £85.