HOLYWELL Town Council are seeking to appoint a new councillor in the Holywell East Ward.

The town council announced the position on Monday, March 25, following the official resignation of Cllr Phillip McGarry at the monthly meeting held on March 19 citing ‘personal family commitments’

In an email read out by town mayor, Cllr Rosetta Dolphin, he said: “I originally agreed to stand as a councillor for two reasons. Firstly, because I wish to help the town in which I lived and had a business and secondly because I felt that the council itself needed to develop to meet the challenges in the years ahead.

“Setbacks aside, I have seen these challenges met and overcome and the development of Holywell emerge. While we all would agree there is a long road ahead, I sadly must part company with you.

“To those I am lucky enough to call friends and colleagues, I apologise if my absence from the chamber has caused embarrassment or indeed undermined their own efforts. My actions were not intended n that way.

“It is my hope that, once certain circumstances change and following some considerable work on my part, I will be able to offer my time to serve once again as a councillor.”

Residents in the Holywell East Ward have 14 working days, until Friday April 12, to contact the Electoral Office requesting a call for an election.

This must be supported by 10 electors from the ward.

If 10 electors do not submit a request, as a council, current members can co-opt a new member in due course.

For more details, contact town clerk Jason Baker at town.clerk@holywell.wales.