A HEAD teacher has urged parents and children to take extra care on the roads.

The call, from Drury Primary School head Mark Biltcliffe, comes after a "near miss" in which a child ran out into the road but was fortunately unharmed.

Mr Biltcliffe explained the driver of a car coming down the road was travelling slowly and was able to stop in time.

But he wanted to remind both children and parents of the need to take extra care.

On Monday, PCSO Samantha Salisbury visited the school to reinforce the point as well as telling children more about her job.

Mr Biltcliffe told the Leader: "I want to encourage the children to look very carefully when they cross the road. "There is not usually fast traffic near the school but even slow traffic can be a hazard.

"So I am asking children and parents to take extreme care.

"I'd also encourage people not to park on the pavement, because of the danger of reversing into someone. "Parking on the pavement also damages the kerbstones.

"Most people are great, but if we can be extra vigilant and keep all of the children safe - that's what we're after."

Mr Biltcliffe explained most drivers also adhere to a "voluntary one-way system" during school hours by coming down Newton Drive and out along Beech Road.

He added: "It has been in place for years and most people do obey it. "It just means there is a lot less vehicles backing up and congestion.

"To help, people can also park a little further away and walk in which is better because it means less congestion and less pollution. "It might mean a five minute walk which doesn't make a big difference in getting to work, but it can make a huge difference here at the school."