A PETITION has been launched in an attempt to save a "lifeline" bus service.

Public transport users in Buckley have been informed by Flintshire-based bus operator Townlynx that its number 28 Wrexham to Mold service will no longer run from April 1.

The reason, a statement to passengers stated, is that the service will no longer be subsidised by Flintshire Council.

Flintshire Council transport managers, however, say the local authority did provide a small “de-minimis subsidy payment to this commercial bus service which was not being removed”.

A petition addressed to Flintshire Council calling for the number 28 service to stay has so far received more than 700 signatures.

The page states: "Lots of people use it - young, old and in between.

"It goes to the hospital at one end, school at the other and people who don’t have cars need to get there."

More residents have also told the Leader of how they will be affected once the service ends.

Nathan Jake Butler said: "As a student at Wrexham University, it will massively affect my ability to study.

"I live in Mynydd Isa so I already walk to Mold Road for 15 minutes to catch the 28 bus.

"I am also disabled so that's hard enough. It's sad as it will take me twice the amount of time to get there any other way."

Danielle Evans said: "Last March I tore three ligaments in my knee and a crush injury to my foot.

"I was unable to drive. This bus was my lifeline to the hospital physio as I was wheelchair-bound.

"In November last year I was recovered enough to go back to work as a swimming teacher in a school in Wrexham.

"I was only able to go back to work because of this service, as it goes passed the hospital, I was able to onward travel to work after my physio.

"At the moment I am working hard to be able to drive again. So I’m stuck between a rock and hard place now.

"I need to go to physio to speed up my recovery and be able to drive again but now I’m going to find it very hard to get to either hospital or work, especially with a disability."

Steve Jones, Flintshire Council’s chief officer for Streetscene and transportation, previously told the Leader: “The council has been informed by Townlynx that they intend to withdraw the No 28 bus service (Mold to Wrexham section) from March 31, 2019.

“Following notification of the withdrawal of the No 28, the council invited bus operators to tender for a replacement route (to be named No 29). Unfortunately, the cost of a contracted service is prohibitive therefore the route will not be replaced by the authority.

“The council has been made aware of notices placed on Townlynx vehicles providing incorrect information to passengers and have requested the company to remove these immediately.”

To see the petition and sig, visit https://you.38degrees.org.uk and search for 'number 28 bus'