AN interactive map has emerged of the UK that shows where a viral petition to cancel Brexit is most popular.

The petition calling for Theresa May to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU gathered significant momentum and passed 2.7 million signatures since the Prime Minister's Downing Street speech on Wednesday, March 20.

For Flintshire, the two wards count for a total of 2,113 signatures in the petition calling on the government to revoke Article 50.

Alyn and Deeside residents make up 1,142 signatures and a further 971 signatures came from Delyn.

The UK Government’s Petitions Committee posted a tweet yesterday, March 21, after reporting that nearly 2,000 signatures are being added every minute.

They said: “The rate of signing is the highest the site has ever had to deal with, and we have had to make some changes to ensure the site remains stable and open for signatures and new petitions.

“Thanks so much for your patience. As you can tell, people are signing petitions really quickly. The sudden spikes in usage are causing intermittent problems, but we’re doing everything we can.”

Residents from the Clwyd West and South constituency count for a combined 1,915 signatures.

In the Wrexham ward, a total of 808 people made their voice heard.

To find out how many people in other areas of the UK signed the petition, follow this link.

* Figures are correct as of 10am on Friday, March 22. The map data is continually being updated as more people sign the petition.