A LOCAL farmer waded through deep water on his tractor to rescue stranded motorists caught in flooding little after 8:00am on Sunday, March 17.

Two vehicles attempted to force their way through a heavily flooded road in Bangor on Dee, Wrexham, only for them to be left stranded in the water.

Despite the North Wales Fire and Rescue service being called to the scene, they arrived to find a farmer braving the depths on their tractor to rescue the motorists.

Parts of North Wales have been battered by strong winds and heavy rain in the last few days, leading to flood alerts being put in place around the region.

There are various signs advising people to try and avoid using certain roads following the recent harsh weather, with North Wales Police urging motorists not to ignore the signs or to try their luck in getting through.

As well as a flood warning in Bangor on Dee, there is also a warning in effect in the Lower Dee Valley as river levels are above normal, although flooding of property is not expected.

There is also an alert in place in Flintshire, where weather experts are advising people to be cautious in the Clwyd catchment where there’s been some localised flooding.