TEN MEDIA students from Ysgol Elfed High School in Buckley travelled to Sandycroft on Friday, March 8 as part of a marketing team preparing to launch a new company.

FireMisting - a sister company to TASC Holdings in Sandycroft - is a specialist in fire safety technology.

They presented the youngsters with an opportunity to watch the installation of cutting-edge fire suppression technology, which is now a legal requirement in all new and renovated Welsh homes.

Students looked on as FireMisting sprayed a fine mist to extinguish controlled lit fires, as opposed to the traditional jets of a sprinkler which are more commonly used.

The day trip was a collaborative effort between Elfed High School and TASC Holdings which also enabled the children to control a high-spec drone camera, take part in a digital photography competition, as well as watch and record the new FireMisting technology in action.

Founder of TASC Holdings Andy Owen said: “Our digital marketing is big part of moving us forward as a company.

“Being able to give these experiences to creative young people in our community is just part of what we’re doing to show them the opportunities out there in their own back yard.”

Elfed High School’s Head of Media, Ajay Pandya, added: “It’s been an amazing day for the year tens and I’ve already been asked by a few about work experience.

“They’ve used a lot of the camera angles that they learned at Elfed and learned a lot about how to promote a business online. It has been a great experience that we’re all eager to repeat.”

FireMisting are open to receiving visits from other schools and companies. If you are interested, please call 01244 885061 or email office@firemsiting.co.uk.