A FLINTSHIRE high school marked St David's week in style.

The aptly named St. David's High School in Saltney lived up to its name by celebrating the Welsh language, history and culture as part of their Welsh focus week.

The week was organised by Mrs. Louise Skinner, director of learning for Languages.

In all lessons across the school, students had enrichment opportunities to celebrate all things Welsh, from dissecting daffodils in Science, designing Welsh flags from MDF wood and paper in Design Technology to find out about the links Wales has to Patagonia in South America and Brittany in France in language lessons.

 Patagonian Welsh is the name given to the Welsh language as spoken in Y Wladfa, the Welsh settlement in Patagonia, Argentina. While as one of the Brittonic languages, Breton is related distantly to Welsh.

On Friday, the final day of the week, to finish a great week of Welsh celebrations in Saltney, an array of activities were organised by Mrs. Skinner.

The students enjoyed fun sessions with the Urdd, a Welsh speaking group, Mr. Phormula, a Welsh rapper, Carys Lake and Huw Owen, who taught students to sing Welsh songs and to play the ukelele.

Students also enjoyed a play by Llion Williams, a Welsh actor who tells the story 'Taith yr Iaith' (language journeys). An amazing 3D daffodil sculpture was created by students and staff in the Design and Technology faculty.

The week was hailed as a great success and the school even had a visit from S4C and featured on the Welsh news programme 'Heno' on Tuesday evening.