CHARITY walkers, inspired by a teenage girl battling cancer, donned their best fancy dress and their walking boots to help her raise money for various charities.

Grace Parry, 19, from Mold, recently shared her incredible story of raising nearly thousands of pounds for charity while battling Hodgkin Lymphoma with The Leader, and nearly a hundred people turned up to her fundraiser over the weekend.

Grace, along with her sister Amy Parry and mother Tracy Parry, organised the charity walk on Saturday, March, 9, from the bottom of Moel Famau to the summit and back down again.

Together, an extra £1,170 was raised for multiple charities including Lymphoma Action, CLIC Sergent, Giddos Gift, as well as the Shooting Star Unit in Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

Grace has spoken of her surprise at the turnout on the day, as well as her gratitude towards those who turned up to brave the conditions.

“We did not expect the amount of people to turn up that did.

“Over 80 people came along in the end, and every single person completed the walk, in good time as well.

“It’s over three miles in total, from the bottom to the top and back down again. It was very windy on Saturday and it’s a steep climb, so I can’t thank the people who came along enough.”

Hodgkin Lymphoma is a cancer that develops in the lymphatic system, a network of vessels and glands spread throughout the body.

Grace was diagnosed with the illness in early-January and has had chemotherapy treatment every two weeks since.

Despite this, she has been determined to battle through and raise money for charity in the process.

Again, with her sister Amy, Grace has set up a Just Giving page in order to raise money for charities that have supported her in her struggle, aiming to raise £500 in six months.

The appeal raised the targeted £500 in just 24 hours and currently sits at £4,870, nearly one thousand percent more than originally targeted.

Grace has described her disbelief as to just how much support the page has generated.

“The support that we’ve had since the beginning has been nothing short of amazing.

“The Just Giving page has really snowballed and I can’t believe how much we’ve managed to raise; more and more money keeps getting donated and I’m so happy.

“We have another fundraising event on Saturday April 13th at Northop Hall Cricket Club which is a Ladies Night.

“There will be a clothes swap and a raffle, and some local businesses will be coming along to showcase some of their products too so it should be a great night.

“Tickets are £5, my family have got posters on all our Facebook pages and if you would like a ticket then please contact us on there.

“I’m so happy with what we’ve managed to raise so far, I want to keep going and see how much we can get.”