PARKING across Flintshire has become 'deathly' and 'ignorant' residents have said.

Following on from the special report, published by the Leader, residents across the county have had their say when it comes to the daily school run.

Mike Lewis, of Connah's Quay, regularly walks his son to school at Wepre CP which is also bad when it comes to parking.

He said: "Whilst I was walking to Wepre CP last week a car drove past us with a woman driving whilst talking on the phone. I didn't have time to get the number plate and she didn't stop at the school so she was spared my wrath.

"Why do so many parents feel the need to drive? My son loves the walk to school. It takes 12 minutes and is good for our health. I know some people have to drive but everyone should think - can I walk to school today?"

Cllr Gillian Brockley, of Shotton, said: "My parents live by Wepre CP - parents parking there has been horrendous for years. Dangerous, thoughtless, noisy and increasing."

Lynne Chick, who has two disabled children, said there are issues with parents parking at the nearest bus stop.

She added: "Ewloe Green is a nightmare they park in the bus stops preventing buses pulling in, up the paths also. I took it up with Mark Tami MP last year but the problem is just as bad, council sent wardens out a few times but still it goes on."

The issue with parking is not just confined to Connah's Quay, with the issue being apparent across the whole on the county.

Chris Morgan told the Leader he has issues outside Ysgol Derwen in Higher Kinnerton.

He said: "There's deathly and ignorant parking outside Ysgol Derwen.

"It's time to close roads outside schools for the 15 mins at each end of the school day - even main roads. People would soon get used to the detours or avoid the area."

Safety measures have been put in place around different schools which range from double yellow lines to time restricted but parents and local residents have said this has not eased the issue.

Jan Thomas, founder of TheFDF - formerly Flintshire Disability Forum - said parking on pavements and dropped kerbs is making life impossible for wheelchair users and people with prams.

Jayne Andrews added: "There's no excuse for dangerous parking but unfortunately kids from lots of families can't walk to school anymore as both parents work, so school runs are done on the way to and from work.

"My eight-year-old loves it when I'm off and she can walk to and from school. Unfortunately time off is a finite resource if we want to pay our way, keep a roof and eat.

"My eldest walks, but its simply not feasible for my youngest. Lots of people who would walk cant be because their kids are denied access to over subscribed local schools.

"One thing I do fume over though is people who ignore a safe school car park to dump vehicles on double yellows, junctions, driveways and zig zag areas. That's pure bone idle."