A VILLAGE pensioner has what he believes to be a rare £5 note.

John Burnett, 77, of Trefynant Park, Acrefair, received a brand new £5 note last week from the cash machine at Tesco in Cefn Mawr which has defects he believes make it "one of a kind".

He said: "It came from the cashpoint.

"I don't usually take out £5 notes, but for some reason I just decided to check it.

"There is a line that goes through the Queen's face and I have never seen that before, ever.

"It is a black line that runs from the chin to the top of the nose, then all the way to the top of the head.

"I thought "that's not supposed to be there".

"It's not a pen mark because you can rub that out on plastic so I thought it might be a stain.

"It must have been creased on the pile when it was being printed, as if the the paper has curled and it's distorted the Queen's face."

Mr Burnett said he is yet to establish whether the note has any significant value but says he has no plans to try and spend it any time soon.

He added: "I took it to the Barclays bank on the industrial estate and the man there said he had never seen anything like it before but wasn't able to tell me much else about it.

"It's been in my wallet ever since.

"I won't spend it, I'll keep it but if it is rare and has any value I would be open to offers. It could be the only one of its kind."