PCSOs have started working on laptops in shops and bars in Wrexham as part of a ‘policing in the community’ operation.

PCSO Nick Perry told Offa Community Council that officers were meeting and talking to people while working on their laptops.

He said it was a good idea but was on a trial period to test the reaction of the public.

Cllr Alex Jones, chairman of the council who owns The Bank wine bar and bistro in High Street, said: “It is an excellent idea and enables the public to make contact with officers and it was also nice and reassuring to see uniformed police in the town too.”

The Leader has previously reported that police officers in Wrexham have been taking part in a pilot exercise designed to allow them to spend more time outside of their station.

By using mobile devices such as tablets and laptops, officers can now complete administration tasks in public places, without the need to return to update force systems.

Initial results have been deemed extremely positive.

Chief Inspector Mark Williams said: “We have monitored the time officers in Wrexham are spending outside and it jumped 25 per cent in January alone.

"Wrexham officers are now out of the station for 71 per cent of their working day, meaning greater public visibility, and the efficiencies savings have meant officers are able to spend more time on proactive patrols.”